The basic idea behind the choice of instruments at CASEMATE STUDIO is to combine personality and research, keeping quality at its maximum. The wide choice of microphones, effects and instruments allows you to always get the right sound at the right time. The analogical use of digital media guarantees flexibility and comfort of digital world along with the warmth and liveliness and wonder of the analog.


Asus P9 X79 Pro Xeon 1650 V2 e 64 GB DDR3;
Rme Digiface;
Focusrite Saffire pro 40 , Focusrite Octropre Dynamic MkII, Behringer ada800 (2x); (32 input/ 32 output).
Adobe Audition CS6;


Akai M7 (2 channel tube preamp);
Alesis Mictube duo (2Channel preamp);
Amplyvox PA 591 (5In-1Out, Solid State Mixer);
Art TPS II ( 2 Channel tube preamp);
Behringer T1953 mod (2 Channel tube Preamp with OpAmp mod);
Eico HF-85 (1962 tube preamp-D.I. 2 Ch mic-instrument+Eq);
Geloso G 290V ( 1963 tube preamp-D.I. 5 ChMic-instrument+ D.I.);
Inkel ProMx 1200 (197? 4 Channel mixer + Echo);
SmProAudio Tc02 (2 Channel preamp + comp);
Soundcraft  Series 200b (4Mic-Line Channel, 4 line Channel);
Studiomaster Trilogy 206 (14+2 ch mic-line);
Studer 900 Type A (Dual Channel Strip);
TlAudio 5001 (4 Ch tube preamp);


Aphex Compellor 320 (Dual Mono Comp);
Aphex Dominator II 722 (Stereo multi band peaklimiter);
Aphex Dominator II 722 (Stereo multi band peaklimiter) Magic Death Eye Mod;
Aphex Dominator II 722 (Stereo multi band peaklimiter) Matteo Lenzi Mod;
Aphex Aural Exciter Type B (Exicter);
Boss RX 100 (Spring Reverb);
Davoli C.L. 600 (Dual Mono Compressor-limiter);
Dbx 163X (Mono comp+DI);
Drawmer DF320 (Dual Mono Noise Filter);
Drawmer DL221 (Dual Mono Compressor Limiter);
ERI Al 20 (Dual Mono Audio Leveller);
ERI PR2000 (Dual Mono Multiband Compressor);
Fmr Rnla 7239 (Stereo Comp);
Lem FX24 (Dual Mono MultiFx);
Lexicon Mpx 100 (Dual Mono MultiFx ) ;
Lexicon Lxp 1 (Dual Mono MultiFx);
Meazzi Factotum All Tranistor (196X Tape Echo);
Piooner Sr101 (Tube Spring Reverb);
Piooner Sr202W (Spring Reverb);
S.R. Technology L1 P.A. Protector (Stereo Limiter);
Speech Processor Model 471 (DIY Speech Processor);
Yamaha Spx 90II (Stereo multifx);


Akg D12;  D112, D119 (2x),D330BT, D170E, C1000S, Perception 420 (2X);
Aiwa CM1016A (3x);
Akai ADM60;
Audix i5;
Beyerdynamic: M69, Opus 69 (Madbox mod);
Davoli Krundall K607 (2x), K613;
Electro Voice N/D- 468 (2x), RE20;
Geloso M18, M51, M58, M60, M61, M69 (2x), unknown “ball” model, unknown “m60 style” model;
GoldSound ECM 116;
Grundig GDM 314
Groove Tube 5SC;
Kennet K1000 (2x);
Madbox Subkick;
Paso dynamic mic (unknown model);
RCF unknown model;

RIEM mod.230 “mignon” (195X ribbon) (4x);
Rode Nt5 (2x);
Samson CO2 (2x);
Shure Sm51,  Sm 57 (2x), Sm 58 (3X), Model 300 (195X Ribbon);

Sennheiser Md421 (197X 2x);
T Bone: Rb500 (ribbon 2x);  Retro Tube II;
Yamaha DM 3000;
Zodiac EM 135 (2x);
A lot of “toys” mic.

Synth-expander-Drum Machine-Keyboards-Piano:

Bontempi Pk-11;
Casio Pt82;
Casio Pt100;
Casio Ctk 120;
Crumar Trilogy;
Crumar Multiman S;
DoREMi toys keyboard;
Eko tiger duo R;
Elgam Match 12C (drum machine);
Gem DSC60;
Korg M-1 ;
Korg Poly800 MkI;
Korg T3;
Orla DP4;
Roland Juno 106;
Siel Orchestra 2;
Simba toys keyboards and drum machine;
T.M. Tone TMP1;
Texas Instruments Speak N Spell (Bent by Fastmatt);
Yamaha SHS-10 (bent by Madbox and Montinex);
Yamaha Tg 55;
Yamaha DD 55 (digital drum);
Niier upright piano;
Wendl & Lung Grand Piano;

Drums & Percussion:

Tama RockStar Pro, 199X, Made In Japan (Kick 26x18,Tom1 10x7,12x8 ,Floor 16x12)

Mapex M (Kick 22x18, Snare 14x5, Tom1 10x7,12x8 , Floor 14x12);

Meazzi unknown model (14x5.5) (2x);
Tark wood snare(14x6);
Tamburo XD Snare (13x5);

Premier snare (14x5.5);


Ceramic mini congas;
A lot of percussion (bell, shaker etc);
A lot of cymbals;

Guitar and Basses:


Fender Stratocaster (2004, Made in Mexico);
Epiphone dot (2006);
Gretsch Traveling Wilburys TW-300 (198?);


Tanglewood TD- 8 CET ;
Segovia DLM 71;
Eko Ranger 12 (197?)
Eko Model 180;
Unkown model classic guitar;


Jackson Concert Ex;


Corland K50;
Davoli B50 (1x12);
Engl Screamer 50 combo 1x12 (1993);
Harley Benton g212 Vintage (2x12);
Laney Cub Head;

Marshall JTM 60 (1x15);
Meazzi Ultrasonic Tube (196X tube amplifier);
Madbox handmade tube amplifier;

Madbox 1x15 cabinet (2x);
Montarbo 165B (198?);
Peavy rage 108 combo 1x8;
RCF PA 20 (196X tube amplifier);
Steelphon Colorado 2x12;


Aria: FL1 (flanger), DD-1 (digital delay);
Akai :Variwah;
Behringer: OD 100 (overdrive), EM 600 (echo machine);
Beta Aivin: Eq 100;
Boos: Rc -2 (loop station), PD-1 (distortion) ,CE -5 (Chorus Ensembe with unknown mod),BD-2 (Blues Driver-overdrive),DS-1 (distortion) OD-2 (Turbo-overdrive) SD-1 (Super Overdrive); PH-3 (Phase Shifter)
Cyclone: Ch70 (chorus);
Danelectro: Fish and Chips (7 band EQ),DE-1 Danecho (echo-delay, 2x.One with S-O mod);
Dunlop :Crybaby (wah);
Electro Harmonix: Pog2 (polyphonic octave generator), Small Clone (chorus), Small Stone (Phase Shifter, Russian version), Big Muff PI (Fuzz, reaissue) (2x one modded), MetalMuff;
Hardwire: HT-6 (polychromatic Tuner)
Korg: Dt-10 (tuner);
Ibanez: Ts9 (overdrive), Ts 5 (overdrive), Tl 5 (tremolo), DL5 (digital delay) (2x);
Line 6: PODXT (digital multi-fx,Full pack- bean version);
Modetone: Harmonic Tremor (Tremolo);
Mooer: Elec Lady (Flanger), Shimverb (Shimmer Reverb);
MXR: Micro Amp (boost), Dyna Comp (compressor) Blue Box (fuzz+octaver) Carbon Copy (Analog Delay);
Nux by cherubin: OD2 (overdrive), Lm3 (mp3 reproducer);
Sakura: Chr-5 (chorus), DLF-1 (Digital Chorus Flanger);
T-Rex: ToneBug Fuzz, The Sweeper;
Visual Sound: Liquid Chorus.

Monitor & headphones:

Krk Model 6000;Amp: Major AS5000;
Kenwood LSC3;
Jbl Duet;
Trust pc monitor;


Akg K141 monitor&Studio;
Akg K171;
Beyerdynamic DT 770m;
Elega MDR 63 (Headphones+mic);
Piooner SE305;
Philips Sbc 487;
Sennheiser Hd 424;

Superlux 662-F (5x);

Headphones preamp;
Behringer powerplay HA4700;
Brunetti Cue box;

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