CASEMATE STUDIO is the recording and sound processing laboratory founded by Marco Alberto Matti. It is located in Pontecurone, in the province of Alessandria, a 40 minutes drive from Milan, Italy.
    It consists of an open-space of 50 square meters equipped with a wide and selected range of instruments for production, recording, mixing and mastering.

     MARCO ALBERTO MATTI has been active as a musical artisan for more than 15 years. Combining his passion for music, philosophy and DIY, he made  sound engineering both his profession and his reason for living.
     CASEMATE is the literal English translation of Casamatta: a work of fortification but also a word pun. CASEMATE is a fortified place for music and a free space.

Our Philosophy
The essence of technology is by no means anything technological ( M. Heidegger)

    In a world where it is very easy to obtain standardized musical production, CASEMATE STUDIO proposes, through the use of sophisticated and uncommon gear and technical skills combined with a vast musical culture, a personal sound, unique and always suitable; so achieving while listening a truthful yet sophisticated idea of musical performance.

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